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So It Begins

August 31, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome.

I thought I’d use this first post to introduce myself.

I’m Kale Naylor, a gay fiction author whose work has been featured in various magazines and anthologies. As my career continues to garner momentum, I thought it was time to create an official blog where I will give updates on projects, discuss writing, my process, and post the inspiration behind many of my tales (subtext read: post pics of hot sexy guys). This blog is intended for a mature and adult audience, so viewer discretion is advised and all of that.

An all-American boy, I’m an Atlanta native and a freelance writer. Many of my stories are based on my real life misadventures. That is, the stories that won’t get me in trouble with the law are the only ones I’m fessing up to.

Comments are awesome and feel free to drop me a line. Welcome, thanks for reading, enjoy, and God bless.