Bacchanal Rising Update 2

So I’ve been busy getting some writing done but not for the novel. Unfortunately I decided to put the novel on hold for now as I’ve had some other writing opportunities present themselves. Immediate paying writing opportunities with a deadline next month. So I’ve flipped the script a bit. I’m still working to churn out 50k words (which is the spirit of the competition) but it’ll be for my writing endeavors.

In other news, I just signed a contract and one of my stories will be featured in an anthology tentatively scheduled to be released next Spring.

More details to follow as they develop.

I’ve been busy doing administrative writing stuff with submissions, contracts and whatnot. Between that and the day job I’m staying busy. Handling my business, but busy just the same.

I’ve also decided that in December I’m taking a much needed break. I’m getting burned out. I’m going to do nothing but watch DVDs, play video games, blog, and I’ll write when I feel inspired. Come January, it’s a whole new ball-game but for now I need a much-needed break.

Don’t worry I’ll continue to update here. ;D

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