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Santa’s Big Helper

December 25, 2009

Hoping you and yours are having a safe and blessed holiday season.

A Tip For Anthologies

December 20, 2009

If there’s an open submission call for an anthology, I’ve come to learn that it’s best to submit as early and as soon as possible. Even though the submission call may state a deadline, I’ve come to learn that even if you submit a few days prior to the deadline, often editors may have already chosen their picks and may close shop early (and not even respond to additional submissions).

Submitting early also gives the editor to provide you with feedback in case they want you to make changes prior to the deadline.

This has been most effective for me in the past and it also builds a rapport with the editor/publisher which comes in handy when you want to submit to future anthologies/publications.

Just a tip that’s served me well