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Unmasked II

January 29, 2010

Available now:

UNMASKED II: MORE EROTIC TALES OF GAY SUPERHEROES is the latest anthology from STARbooks Press.

They’re all back and they’re ready to rescue you – those hunky, horny superheroes from Unmasked: Erotic Tales of Gay Superheroes (2007), who fulfilled your every dream and desire with their magnificent strength, their super abilities, and their charming personalities. And, we’ve recruited a few more to our erotic justice league of sorts to save you from those equally sexy villains.

In addition, the popular and hilarious Kosher Man returns and discovers two Hebrew heroes who come to his rescue in “Kosher Man Gets Porked” by Milton Stern.

Just like the first Unmasked, Unmasked II delivers with a punch, a swoon, a whoosh, and quite a few giggles, and the sex is darn right hot as well. This is the most fun you will have while reading erotica because what is more fun than sexy superheroes?

UNMASKED II: MORE EROTIC TALES OF GAY SUPERHEROES features erotic fiction from Armand, Derrick Della Giorgia, Erastes, Evan Gilbert, Gerrard Jones, Jamie Freeman, Jay Starre, Kale Naylor, Logan Zachary, Milton Stern, Owen Keehnen, Rob Rosen, Ryan Field, Sedonia Guillone, Stephen Osborne,Stephen Osborne, Tom Cardamone, Troy Storm, and Wayne Mansfield

This book is intended for adults only.
$18.95 U.S.
296 Pages

ISBN-10: 1-934187-56-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-934187-56-2

Unmasked II can be found in your local bookstore or you can order it here.

But wait, there’s more!!!!!

In celebration of garnering yet another publishing credit, I thought I provide some super-hero themed visuals. Bring on the boys.


January 22, 2010

So I’ve been quite busy. In addition to writing, doing a few interviews and an assortment of other projects, I’m going to be leaving the country this time next week. I’m so excited. I’ll be stopping in Seattle to visit some friends and afterwards, I’ll be headed to Vancouver, BC.

I have like a million things to do and I’m too excited to do them. In addition to packing and preparing to leave the country, I’ve been doing something else that I want to discuss today: networking.

I’ve always said that getting published is a matter of getting the right story to the right editor at the right time. This has proven to be true time and time again. When needing writers for invite-only anthologies, editors/publishers will go for writers who have proven themselves time and time again.

If the editor knows you, they can often lead you to other writing opportunities and of course you can do the same with other writers.

Just like most jobs it’s about who you know. So if you’re a writing aspirant, I would strongly urge you to join a critique group either in real life or online and join various writing forums. There are so many excellent resources that can be found from these places and you never know when it’ll lead to the next publishing credit.

And Suddenly I’m All Wet

January 20, 2010

Southern Strokes Indeed

January 7, 2010

A perfect way to kick-start 2010.