A Pledge Request

My buddy Natty Soltesz has a special project going on and needs your help. He’s an incredible writer and I was all too happy to boost the signal for him.



My name is Natty Soltesz and I write porno stories. I used to go by the name “Bacteriaburger,” and I post a lot on the Nifty Erotic Stories Archive. If you are receiving this email it’s because you’ve written to me in the past about a story posted on Nifty or on my website. Sorry for the mass email, but I need your help!

I recently wrote my first book. It’s called “Backwoods” and it’s going to be published by Rebel Satori Press. My dream for the book has always been to have it illustrated by a top-notch erotic illustrator. Fortunately, the amazing artist Michael Kirwan has agreed to work with me on the project. But Rebel Satori Press is a small press, and they don’t have the funds to help me pay for the illustrations.

So I’m turning to the masses, and trying to raise funds using a website called Kickstarter. If you’ve ever shot a load from reading my words, do me the favor of clicking on over to my Kickstarter project and watching my video: http://kck.st/b5gBND

If you can pledge some money. And if you can’t, consider spreading the word by telling your friends about my project, via email or Facebook or however!


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