Yours truly, Kale Naylor, is back!

Teammates, the latest anthology from STARbooks Press is out now.

ALL the guys want to play with the team! STARbooks Press is proud to release the latest anthology from the Eric Summers collection of hot, theme-based erotica, Teammates – locker room and sports-related stories!

There you are in the locker room after a hard practice, watching your teammates strip and head to the open shower room, and suddenly the practice isn’t the only thing that is hard. Or, during wrestling practice, you are paired up with the best built, most handsome guy on the team, whose singlet is stretched beyond its limits – everywhere possible. You are the quarterback and the new center has the hottest butt you’ve ever seen, and now he is bent over in front of you, with your hands against his crotch, ready to hike the ball. What do you do? What have you done? What do you regret not doing?

If you have ever played on a team, wish you played on a team, or are still playing on a team, this is the anthology for you, with hot, sweaty, muscular, and horny guys, waiting to score big time!

Teammates features the hot erotica of Derrick Della Giorgia, Donald Webb, Kale Naylor, Jay Starre, Justin Shepherd, Lew Bull, Logan Zachary, Milton Stern, R.W. Clinger, Rob Rosen, Shane Allison, and Wayne Mansfield, just to name a few!

There is no time left for practice, for you are now in the big leagues!

Can’t wait for the book to be delivered? You don’t have to. Teammates is also available on Kindle.

“But I don’t own a Kindle!!!” you say.

You don’t actually need the Kindle device to enjoy  Kindle.

All you have to do is go to, download the Kindle program for free to your PC or Mac and you can download this and many other titles instantaneously.

And to continue with the festivities of my latest release, here is an assortment of athletic themed visuals.

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